Web Cast Instructions

Participants can view and listen to their focus group using Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Mozilla. This is 100% browser based and requires no software downloads or configuration changes to your computer.  Our interface is compatible with 98% of all computer configurations.

The Meeting room is secured by using a meeting name/password via a tunneling protocol (also called RTMPS) to enter the virtual room. We currently have the capability to have 23 users online at one time.  Included in our interface is a handy chat window, a bulletin board for posting comments, and of course a video and audio feed from our focus room.

Directions for using NE Interviewing’s Web Cast

  1. Go to the following URL http://neinterviewing.megameeting.com
  2. Select “agree” on the first screen
  3. Select “Guest” on the next screen
  4. Enter your meeting name, example– webcast

Enter your name as you want it to appear in the chat window

Click Connect






5. Enter the your password: example—zaqXSWcde


You will see a pop-up window “Joining Meeting” at this point you are in the meeting.

To disconnect form the meeting, simply close your Internet Browser’s window.