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Research is conducted by our experienced and well trained staff to accommodate your requirements.



New England Interviewing maintains a focus group facility in Bedford, New Hampshire. For your convenience, we will gladly arrange groups and provide support in other locations.


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Our Bedford office is located in Woodbury Court, directly across from Macy’s at the intersection of Routes 3 and I-293.

  • Two focus group rooms, one (12’x10’) for intimate groups and one over-sized (26’x16’) to accommodate groups of up to 30 persons classroom style or 18 around the conference table.
  • One-way mirrors run almost the full width of the rooms, allowing observers to see the entire group.
  • Spacious viewing rooms, seating for 6-20, are completely equipped with both video and audio.
  • Fully equipped kitchen for preparing products.

The facility is centrally located and is convenient to restaurants, lodging, shopping, highways, and the Manchester airport.